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Accessibility (ADA Compliant)

What we’re working toward

We want to make searching for properties more accessible for everyone. This work is never done, but here’s how we’re taking it on so far.

Improved accuracy

Users with mobility needs often rely on photos to make sure listings will work for them. That’s why we require hosts to provide photos of every accessibility feature “tags” they have, and it’s why our images have a special section dedicated to showcasing these photos.

Digital accessibility standards

We’re working toward the digital accessibility standards laid out by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. We’re also investing in automated testing tools to help us catch more issues.

More listings with accessibility features

We’re working hard to get more listings with accessibility features on PANDA IDX, and we’re making them easier to find by improving our search features, including easier-to-use filters and better photos on the search results page.

(WebAIM) Wave Accessibility Evaluation Tool

You can run a report and check the accesibility on by clicking the following button: